STREAM – Newsletter 16

Multiple job holding

In the summer of 2015, we started a PhD project on multiple job holding (MJH) in collaboration with VU University. MJH refers to a situation in which a worker has more than one paid job, either multiple jobs as an employee or one or more jobs as an employee as well as being self-employed. In the Netherlands, as well as in many other countries, a growing group of workers has multiple jobs. In 2018, around 8% of the working population in the Netherlands held multiple jobs, which equals around 700,000 workers.

Despite the number of workers holding multiple jobs, not much is known about who has multiple jobs and why. Besides, little is known about the consequences of holding multiple jobs for health and future employment. The aim of the PhD project was to explore determinants of MJH as well as its consequences.

June 2015, Stef Bouwhuis started to work on this PhD project. For four years, he worked enthusiastically on the project and wrote a thesis consisting of seven different studies, most of them using the STREAM data. Four studies were already published in peer reviewed international journals.

In this newsletter Stef will present the main findings. Among others, he found that that multiple job holders are a heterogeneous group of workers who move in and out of MJH often. In this newsletter, he will also present findings on the association between MJH and health. We would like to thank Stef for his hard work, inspiring insights, and large contribution to our STREAM cohort and team.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter!
The STREAM team


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