STREAM – Newsletter 15

Sustainable employability in the Netherlands

For many years now, TNO has been running the programme ‘Monitoring Work & Employment’, financially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. As a part of this programme, TNO monitors trends in the sustainable employability of the working population in the Netherlands. The programme contains several data sources, that each look at the Dutch labor market from a different perspective. STREAM is one of the data sources.

In the summer of 2018 TNO published a report containing the state of the art with regard to sustainable employability in the Netherlands, including new insights into the matter based on analysis of the data sources in the programme ‘Monitoring Work & Employment’. The report is titled ‘Duurzame Inzetbaarheid in Nederland’ (only available in Dutch).

In general, in the Netherlands, sustainable employability is relatively favourable. Dutch workers wish to, and think they are able to, work until a higher age than most workers in other European countries. However, workers with a lower education are lagging behind.

In this newsletter, we will focus on the results included in the report that are based on STREAM, or on STREAM’s younger sister, CODI (see Newsletter #11). First, we will go into the role of health in early retirement. Then we will go into the effect of lifestyle on sustainable employability. Finally, we will focus on the quality of work.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter!
The STREAM team


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