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TNO maps trends in labor. This includes developments in the field of mental health and stress, physical health, diversity, the influence of digitalization on work and much more.

We do this with the help of various survey studies, which are among the most reliable sources in the Netherlands in this field.

We want to share our data, the results of our studies, with everyone. We do this by making visualisations, factsheets, reports and webinars, which can all be found on this website. This is done for the Netherlands as a whole, but also on a smaller scale for sectors and companies.

Visual regarding computer work and sedentary behavior
Factsheet on work-related stress
Presentation by Liza van Dam at an international conference
Report on burn-outcomplaints among young employees
Factsheet about the NEA-COVID-19 study

What are our results used for?

Among other things, our results are used by the government to make policy choices, but also by journalists, for example, to be able to say something about developments at work or the labor market. In addition, our results are used by sectors to tackle their problems, and companies use the information to compare themselves with other companies in their sector.

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